Apr 21

How to use “等 (děnɡ)”

In Chinese, the literal meaning of “等 (děnɡ)” means wait for a moment. For example, “等一分钟 (děnɡ yì fēnzhōng)” waiting for a minute. The expression “等等 (děnɡděnɡ)” except the meaning of “waiting for a while”, is commonly used after two or more coordinate words to indicate that the list is unfinished. It is equal to [...]

Apr 10

Restaurant Chinese

Mastering restaurant Chinese is a survival skill in China. Learning some phrases and sentences is a great way for you to enjoy life. Here, I will clearly demonstrate appropriate restaurant Chinese in different situations. 1,预约Reservation I’d like to make a reservation for tonight. wǒ xiǎng yù dìng jīn wǎn de zuò wèi 。 我 想 [...]

Apr 4

Expressing Meaning in Mandarin

Have you ever wanted to use one word (意思yì si) to express five meanings? In Chinese, different words in different situations have different meanings. The phrase about (意思yì si),有意思 (yǒu yìsi),also have many meanings. Learn Basic Chinese Phrase – “有意思 (yǒu yìsi)” Alice: zuì jìn wǒ fā xiàn wáng míng duì zhāng hóng tè bié [...]

Mar 21

Giving and Understanding Directions in Mandarin

Understanding directions is absolutelty fundamental to living in China. Learning a few keywords can drastically help with your ability to navigate the city you are in, and hence open up more opportunities for things to do. Today, I will demonstrate one clear set of directions with the objective of showing you a couple of key [...]