Mar 14

Practical Chinese: How to Check into a Hotel

Recently, more and more people want to travel to China. However, since English has only recently become attractive to Chinese people, language remains a big problem for a convenient and comfortable visit. While Independent travel is very attractive, most foreigners cannot speak Mandarin Chinese. Moreover, they don’t need to in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, [...]

Mar 7

Explanation of a Common Chinese Expression: 你懂的 (nǐ dǒnɡ de)

The expression “你懂的 (nǐ dǒnɡ de)” is a translation of the English expression “You know”. In 2010, people used this phrase on Internet forums to express tacit understanding of feelings.. Since then, this phrase“你懂的 (nǐ dǒng de)” has become very popular with all people. Today, we will explore how you can use this correctly in [...]

Feb 25

How to Learn Chinese – Suggestions from a Professional Teacher

The importance of language in life and work goes without saying. I know everyone has some great ideas for learning languages. I`ve been a Chinese teacher for some years, but I’m still learning and I believe that life is limited, but knowledge is oceanic. I have some experience to share with those who want to [...]

Feb 19

Summary of Interview Questions in Chinese

As more and more people want to come and live in China, they also need to find a job here. So a certain Chinese level is necessary. Here are several questions you may be asked during the interview. Prepare now! 1. Tell me about yourself? 向我介绍一下你自己。(xiàng wǒ jiè shào yíxià nǐ zì jǐ) 2. What [...]