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Each of our native Chinese teachers has gone through an individual interview, a specialized training course, and a mandatory consultation to ensure that our instructors are top-notch. Our Chinese teachers all have teaching certifications for Chinese as a foreign language, and they have a minimum of three years of experience in teaching.

Our Featured Teachers

Mandarin Chinese teacher - Wing Wang

Wing Wang

Education Background: Master degree of Chinese language and literature

Wing has more than 3 years experience in teaching Chinese to foreigners, enthusiasm and patience. She specializes in communication with students, as an experienced Chinese teacher, she was good at finding the strengths and weaknesses of the students, understanding the needs of the students, and make some targeted guidance to students

Chinese teacher - Summer Sun

Summer Sun

Education Background: Master of Chinese Linguistics and Language Acquisition at Chinese University of Hong Kong

Summer has more than 4 years’ teaching Chinese experience as a Chinese teacher. She has quite a professional education background. As she was the guide of a history museum, Chinese culture and history are also her strong points. She knows how to help students learning Chinese in an interesting and effective way. She is good at business Chinese, general Chinese, culture, and survival skills training.

Chinese teacher - Melody Weng

Melody Weng

Education Background: Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL) at ZheJiang University

Melody has more than 6 years’ teaching experience as a Chinese teacher. She is not only professional, but also full of passion. She is interested in Chinese culture – especially opera – Chinese classical dance and folk dance. She can play some national instruments too, such as the GuZheng. You will enjoy your study with her.

Mandarin Chinese teacher - Lesley Hsu

Lesley Hsu

Education Background: Bachelor’s degree of Chinese language and literature

Lesley has been working as a full time Chinese teacher at a local international school since 2008, while working as Director of teaching affairs since 2009. In the past 5 years, with her passion for teaching Chinese, she has earned best evaluation results from her students. Her great English ability helps her understand the needs of the students who want to learn Chinese as a foreign language as well as makes her explanations easy to follow.

Native Chinese teacher - Crystal Zhu

Crystal Zhu

Education Background: Master of Linguistic and Applied Linguistic at Guangxi Normal University

Crystal has more than 3 years’ teaching experience as a Chinese teacher. As she was taught in the Confucius Institute of Prince of Songkhla University, she got professional skills in teaching students at their starting point. She knows how to help the students learn the correct way of Chinese pronunciation, and shares the Chinese culture with them in a funny way during the lessons. She has helped many students to prepare for their HSK, and most of them have achieved very good results.

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Mar 07, 2013 by Peter Gilmore
Country: Canada 

I`m a beginner, just started,Would like to focus on pronunciation. i interviewed 4 local Chinese teachers here in Vancouver so i was interested to see how you guys compare . My Chinese teacher Wing helped me with my pronunciation and tones to start with. We use video chat so that I can see how the teacher pronounces the words. So far we have very good progresses. My wife speaks fluent Cantonese and does business in China. She can read and write Chinese,however she doesn’t know pingyin and Mandarin pronunciation. she saw my great improvement and would like to join this program too.

Jun 13, 2012 by Danis Whitford
Country: Singapore 

My Chinese Teacher Lesley goes beyond her effort to educate and at the same time makes every class interesting. She really tries to get me into the mood of learning Chinese. I appreciate all the efforts this company make for students. Thank you for everything!

Mar 01, 2012 by Igor
Country: US 

My name is Igor . I am Russian living in USA. I have been studying Chinese for three years. I studied with the books, Rosseta Stone program but the best money I spended was on classes with online Chinese teachers from AllMandarin. This is the same as having private tutor,except you do not spend time on traveling and cost is much better. My Mandarin teacher is very, very professional.

Dec 21, 2011 by G.J.Landis
Country: Australia 

I have been extremely impressed with my Mandarin teacher Melody and she is the best. It is also by far the best means of learning Mandarin, in terms of quality & cost. Thanks so much for providing this excellent service!

AllMandarin 571-8809-3137 No.28, Baiyun Rd HangZhou ZJ, 310000 CHINA 4.8 5.0 4 4 I`m a beginner, just started,Would like to focus on pronunciation. i interviewed 4 local Chinese teachers here in Vancouver so i was interested to see how you guys compare . My Chi