Recommended Textbook Set for Beginners

Preliminary Practical Spoken ChinesePreliminary Practical Spoken Chinese is a set of textbooks for new students who are just beginning to learn Chinese and are going to work in China or live in China. The topics are rich in variety and apply to general life, so this is a good choice for beginners who don’t have much time to study Chinese but urgently need to learn the language.

This book set includes two volumes; each volume includes 12 units to guide you through learning Chinese.

The first two units are focused on phonetics. Students will learn the basics of Chinese pronunciation, initials, finals and four tones. In addition, there are many exercises after every unit, which will help you practice to read Chinese and further your grasp on phonetics.

The remaining units are the main chapters. Each unit consists of the new words, a reading exercise, vocabulary expansion, important phrases, notes, grammar lessons, and an interactive oral activity. The contents cover many aspects of daily life. These include: how to order drinks and a meal at a restaurant, how to introduce your family or friends to others, shopping, taking a taxi, daily schedule, visiting the doctor, renting an apartment, describing the weather, making a phone call, and describing the places that you have visited. The conversation is true to life and practical for beginners. This book can help students to master survival oral Chinese in a short time.

The vocabulary words are made up of two parts: new words and vocabulary expansion. The new words are from the reading exercise; students have to learn how to read these words, remember the meaning, and use them. The vocabulary expansion is from the oral activity, according to the student’s ability to learn. All of these words cover the basics: greetings, drinks, food, clothes, countries, languages, numbers, measurements, vehicles, locations, time and date, and the most important verbs.

The oral activity is an interactive exercise for learners to practice the Chinese they have just learned and check their ability to use Chinese. Each activity exercise is given in the form of pictures, which makes learning intuitive and fun. It is easy for learners to practice this way.

This book contains the most important and basic Chinese grammar lessons, from the simplest grammatical structure to the complex grammatical structures.

In addition, a CD recording the reading exercises and new vocabulary, as well as a workbook, go together with the books for learners to preview and help them study.

This set of textbooks can help students to master survival oral Chinese in a short time. For beginning learners who don’t have much time to study Chinese but must use Chinese urgently, this is the best choice.

Different students prefer different materials, so be sure to choose an appropriate teaching material for yourself, as it will be very helpful when you are learning Chinese.

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