Michael Monsen
Country: US

I am a recent graduate in International Business and have primarily focused on the Middle East and learning Arabic but I’m working for an international development company and we have now started to set our sights on China for expansion. I just began to take business Chinese online lessons for preparation. My teacher Jinn taught me business and geographical acumen. I benifit a lot indeed through the business Chinese online course and it`s far beyond my imagination that learning Chinese is such a challengable and exciting experience!

Country: UK

Allmandarin strikes me as having a better ‘attitude’ to Chinese studies, and offers a bit more depth than other providers. They have their own teaching materials! I’ve learned more Chinese in this one month spent on this site than the 10 months I spent “learning Chinese” in Shanghai 5 years back. I`m impressed deeply for this online Mandarin school.

Country: Canada
I lived in China more than 4 years.I traveled a lot, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanxi, Yangshuo, etc. I really love everything about China. I also took some face-to-face classes in local schools before. As I traveled a lot, it was quite inconvenient. Then I found Allmandarin. I could take my classes anytime&anywhere only if I had internet connection.
Now I go back to Switzerland. In case I forget what I`ve learned, I`m still practicing with my Skype tutor. If you want to learn Mandarin online, this is a really great method.

Luke Mok
Country: Hong Kong

I was introduced to Allmandarin by my collegue Nina. Our company was in Hong Kong. Due to bussiness and survival needs, mandarin Chinese is necessary for me. I got a free trial and then tried to book 5 calsses package. It was really great and the teacher was quite professional and nice. I feel so good with Allmandarin’s online Chinese courses. Untill now, I`ve learned 2 years with it. I consider Allmandarin a great experience!

Peter Gilmore
Country: Canada
I`m a beginner, just started,Would like to focus on pronunciation. i interviewed 4 local Chinese teachers here in Vancouver so i was interested to see how you guys compare . My Chinese teacher Wing helped me with my pronunciation and tones to start with. We use video chat so that I can see how the teacher pronounces the words. So far we have very good progresses. My wife speaks fluent Cantonese and does business in China. She can read and write Chinese,however she doesn’t know pingyin and Mandarin pronunciation. she saw my great improvement and would like to join this program too.

Jan 16, 2016 by Marta Marin
Country: Italy
The business Chinese Classes are very interactive and effective. The teachers and managers are flexible with the timing and frequency of lessons. I need to practise more to learn faster.

March 08, 2015 by Melody Lee
Country: New Zealand
After I took their free Chinese lesson, I knew this is the right one. The course consultant gave me a lot of useful learning suggestions and tested my Chinese level so that they could make a better teaching plan for me. This kind of Customized personalized service is amazing humanized. I am so excited I can learn from them! BTW, their services are quite flexible and convenient.
I like the Chinese lessons for kids

by Gabrielle
Country: US
My 8 year old boy is quite naughty, and before he started kids Chinese lessons here, he just couldn’t sit down to learn Chinese. It felt great that he told me that he really loves his lesson. He thought it was really cool to talk to somebody in China and he is going to tell his friends about it. Thanks.

Sep 19, 2012 by Edina Ashton
Country: Australia
I’m impressed about the way the company work and organise things, which is simple and very effective. I love this kind of teaching way. And my teacher understands the professional Chinese linguistics and language acquisition knowledge. It`s really very helpful! Now I`ve mastered basic survival Chinese. I`ll go to China on June soon. I can`t wait to see you guys !