Jun 16

Learn More Chinese Characters In An Easy Way

Chinese characters are not that difficult to learn indeed. Most of the time just one more stroke will make more different characters. Here our Chinese teacher will set an example with 日 to teach you more new characters.

Jun 13

6 Ways On Learning How To Speak Chinese

Learning a new language requires you to master four aspects: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Focusing on speaking first is the typical approach, since it is the most commonly used communication method. Let’s talk about the best way to learn how to speak Chinese. 1. Recite more words during free time, build your vocabulary, and [...]

May 17

9 Useful Mandarin Chinese Phrases

In my life, I’m just as likely to greet someone with “Ni Hao” as I am with “Hello.” Having lived in China for almost six years, I returned to the U.S. with my Chinese husband, who is fluent enough in English to serve as a contracted Chinese translator, and a plethora of Mandarin expressions. When [...]

Apr 29

6 Tips That Makes It Fun To Learn Chinese Fast

Many people wish to learn Chinese quickly, and do not have much time in which to learn Chinese. Perhaps they want to learn Chinese fast because they are busy or don’t have the patience required. Other students, however, may spend several weeks brushing up on their Chinese skills so they can meet an important deadline. [...]